Yum with health and safety!

American Rubber Corp is a full service rubber components manufacturing group – we help our food and dairy industry customers with highest quality rubber sealing, tubing, O rings, gaskets, and molded components.

Modern food and dairy processing plants are ecosystem of their own with myriad of operations and equipment to ensure that farm to table supply chains are most efficient, safe and that food remains fresh till ready for consumption.

With these as our food and dairy customers top most priorities, they have come to depend on multiple of our sealing and transfer rubber components like food grade FDA gaskets, seals, platinum cured silicone tubing, food grade silicone conveyor belts, tray liners, food and baking goods molds, FDA O Rings to just name a few.

Rubber compounds used in our Food and Dairy rubber product line are all food grade, FDA approved compounds. They are inherently inert to common solid, powdered and liquid form of ingredients and hence does not react in anyway during contact with food and dairy items like flours, starch, vegetable oil, animal fats, baking soda/powder, dough, fruits and tartars, chocolate, milk and variants of those. Stability of our rubber components allow ubiquitous working conditions in food and dairy industry, whether its extreme high temperature during baking up to 450 oF or extreme cold at -50 oF. All Furthermore, rubber compounds used in all of our food and dairy industry product line are NSF 51 compliant and hence used in water, beverage, milk, steam transfer operations. American Rubber Corp manufactures following food and dairy industry products:

● Food processing gaskets
● Water filtration system gaskets
● Bins and Tray liners
● Solid and hollow silicone cords and strips
● Peroxide and Platinum cured O Rings
● Baking molds
● Flexible PVC and TPE hoses/tubing
● Silicone Products
● Rubber Grommets
● EPDM Bumpers
● Molded Neoprene components
● Milking machine liners
● Pulsation Tubing
● Silicone Milk Hoses
● Reinforced Silicone hoses

We have in-house design, tooling, manufacturing and QA capabilities and so we are able to extrude, mold, fabricate and post cure all of our rubber components to their highest quality to meet and exceed industry standards. Our engineers partner with our customers during new product development phase and guide them through rubber material selection to suit their application, review and recommend design changes, and then oversee manufacturing and QA to provide excellent customer service.

Please Contact Us to know more about our rubber product offerings and manufacturing capability that is streamlined for agility and perfected for various industry standards compliance.