Keep Sailing – with safety and reliability of our rubber products!

American Rubber Corp is a leading manufacturer of rubber seals, hoses, gaskets, o rings and molded rubber products for marine applications for onshore, offshore and onboard usage.

American Rubber Corp manufactures gaskets, hoses, caps, plugs, washers, bumpers and floats from variety of rubber compounds for Marine applications. Whether is building leisure and luxury boats, water sport equipment, commercial and fishing vessels, or container cargo ships. Our gaskets, hoses, O rings, numerous of rubber molded products are used in marine vessels constructions of all types to ensure safe, reliable, and durable operations of these floating cities (aren’t they though!).

We also offer rubber products for reliable and safe dock, shipyard, loading and unloading operations. All of our rubber products can be further manufactured with specialty additives to ensure that microbial and marine plantation growth is inhibited on our rubber products.

  • Chute and hopper linings
  • Custom shaped extruded profiles and strips
  • Tubing and cords
  • Marine gaskets
  • Pump and Valve diaphragms
  • Door and Window gaskets
  • Formed hoses
  • Molded rubber rollers
  • Molded washers, spacers, grommets, bellows, boots, caps, plugs
  • Hatch Seals
  • Rubber sheets

American Rubber Corp also manufactures rubber sheets with various color, thickness, hardness and other properties like flame retardance, abrasion and corrosion resistance, UV resistance.  These sheets can be made as per our customer’s requirements. We have in-house capability to even apply pressure sensitive adhesive to our rubber products for permanent and durable installation.

Please Contact Us to know more about our rubber product offerings and manufacturing capability that is streamlined for agility and perfected for various industry standards compliance.