We support drilling and fracking like nobody else!

We are a full service rubber components manufacturing group to help oil and gas operations run smooth for sustainable growth and unparalleled safety.

We’re innovators, advisers, designers and problem solvers. Most importantly, we’re partners – in manufacturing quality rubber components for our 300+ Oil and Gas industry customers. We provide wide range of rubber components for Oil & Gas customers whether they are drilling or fracking operations, upstream or downstream business, residential or commercial distribution operators or refiners, our rubber seals, gaskets, o rings, hoses and tubings are ubiquitous on their platforms and piping/plumbing. With increase in domestic US oil production trend while refineries constantly innovating for higher yield per barrel, we help our customers achieve reliable and continuous operations through our quality extruded, molded and die-cut/fabricated rubber products,

  • Rubber Bushes
  • Pressure Seals
  • Rubber Pads
  • O-Rings or O Rings
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Valve Seals and Diaphragms
  • Backup Rings
  • Quad Rings or X Rings
  • Cap Seals
  • Grommets
  • Couplings, Elbows, Bellows, Plugs


American Rubber Corp (ARC) offers these products in wide array of material to suite our customers operating conditions and to meet desired properties,

  • Viton
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Fluorosilicone
  • PTFE
  • HNBR
  • Aflas
  • Closed and Open Cell Foam variant of above listed materials


ARC has developed extensive range of sealing, tubing and hose products to serve our oilfield, gas, storage & distribution as well as refinery customers.


Contact Us with your rubber product related needs along with any other critical specifications and properties like resistance against weathering, UV, corrosion, compression, tear, chemicals as well as extreme high and low temperatures.