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Backup Rings for High Pressure Hydraulic Applications

American Rubber Corp is a leading manufacturer of solid (split type) and spiral (coiled or over lapped) back-up rings. Sometimes these are referred as retainer rings as well.

Backup Rings (or Back-up Rings) are semi-flexible to rigid spiral or overlapping, split type, contoured, or solid rings. Back-up ring or retaining rings are used to keep O rings and lip seal type sealing components in place in dynamic and high pressure applications like hydraulics. While they don’t provide sealing function/properties on their own, they keep seal performance at constant during rotary or reciprocal movement of hydraulic components by providing constant pressure to o ring or lip seal component when matting parts are in motion. This allows from┬áhaving seal component from extruding through gaps at matting surfaces and hence increasing reliability and service life of seal (O ring or lip seal). Typical applications for our backup rings include – pumps, hydraulic cylinders, pressure valves, and other high-pressure hydraulic subsystems in chemical plants, refineries, dairy and beverage processing plants.

Our backup rings are manufactured to comply with ISO 3601 and AS586 standard sizes as well as to custom sizes and tolerance requirements for our customer’s applications. We manufacture PTFE coated back-up rings with our own proprietary coating methods to allow for durable, long service life backup rings to provide reliable and continuous operations of hydraulic components in field reducing our customers total cost of ownership (through less frequent and predictable maintenance cycles).

American Rubber Corp manufactures Backup rings in variety of shapes, sizes for multitude of industrial applications. Our O rings can be manufactured in any desired shape, size, hardness, compression set, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and operating temperature requirements.