Inflatable Rubber Seal Manufacturer

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Inflatable seals can be utilized for various application where fixing two surfaces that move in relationship to one another and variable force sealing with sensory feedback is required. By presenting a medium, for example, air or liquid, a rubber seal can be expanded (inflated) or contracted (deflated) at a predetermined rate to exert variable pressure on component it is sealing or holding.

Our inflatable seal are mostly used in aerospace, nuclear technology, pharmaceuticals, food barrier and sterilization, medical, beverage bottling, bricks manufacturing, bulk material packaging and handling industries where automated filling operations or variable sealing requirements are prominent. Right from drum filling inflatable seal, marine hatch seal, clamping bladders, clean room seals to bottling plant lift bladder, bulk bagging inflatable seal, conveyor grabber and assembly stopper, we have all types of inflatable seal being manufactured in-house. Our state of the art tooling/mold shop coupled with automated extrusion and molding machines allow us to custom make inflatable seals to your requirements. To ensure consistent quality and reliable service life (number of inflation and deflation cycles) we perform curing post production of each seal.  You can always depend on us to provide you with the best quality seals at most economical price point that is right fit for your application and industry.

Please reach out to us for your inflatable sealing requirements for variable/dynamic pressure sealing applications.

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