Rubber O Rings Manufacturers

Rubber O ring is also commonly known as O-Ring and shaped as donut or flat ring rubber gasket. Function of O ring is to to resist the entry or leakage of fluids or gases from joints. As such O-rings are one of the best sealing application to prevent liquid or gaseous passage. American Rubber Corp is a leading rubber O-ring manufacturer in USA.

While we custom manufacture O rings per our customers design and application requirements, We also carry stock of large selection of standard O rings in Silicone, EPDM, Viton and Nitrile material. Our standard O-rings stock include AS568, BS 4518, ISO 3601, SMS 1586, millimetric and non-standard sizes. These O rings are manufactured in-house at American Rubber Corp within RMA tolerances and other properties (color, hardness, tensile strength, and compression-set). Our O-rings, Seals, Gaskets, and other rubber components adhere to the highest of military specifications, FDA, NSF61, RoHS, REACH, USP Class VI, and other international standards.

Be that as it may, in case you’re uncertain with respect to what you need for your application, we can provide samples of the o rings we stock or custom manufacture prototype for you on demand. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to assist with the best always.

Typical requirements that we manufacture O rings are for chemical processing & Energy, hydraulic and pneumatic applications, oil & gas upstream operations, food & beverages, drinking water systems, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

You can avail custom as well as standard sized manufactured products. Please visit our standard O ring chart or provide your requirement specification and we will custom make them as bonded & vulcanized O rings or molded O rings for critical submersed or aerospace applications.