Custom Rubber Seal Manufactures

We are a full service rubber manufacturing company with in-house capabilities from raw material management through extrusion, molding and die cutting of rubber products. We have one of the most streamlined supply chain operations here domestically in USA as well as ability to ship our in-house developed rubber seals globally.

We manufacture rubber seals in variety of shape, size, hardness and colors through extrusion, molding, die cutting operations domestically here in USA. We are very few rubber seal manufacturer who can help you from rubber material selection through design, prototyping, mass manufacturing. While we operate locally in USA, we have scale and experience to meet your demands anywhere in the world through our streamlined supply chain supported by tightly integrated global logistics service providers.

Whether you need simple rubber cord or complex profile, whether its molded o ring or die cut profile seal, either we have it in stock or we can custom manufacture it for you.

American Rubber Corp has expertise to manufacture custom design rubber seals made from large range of synthetic elastomers as well as natural rubber (latex). We can manufacture seals to meet extensive range of applications, wide variety of industries and to meet stringent mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties. Please contact us via email, phone or fax to discuss your sealing needs.