Silicone Rubber Tube Pipes & Hoses

We are a full service rubber manufacturing group to support your design, prototyping and mass production needs of rubber tubing and hoses.

American Rubber Corp manufactures non-toxic, not-metallic, flexible rubber hoses and tubing for high and low temperature operations. Typical applications of our rubber tubing and hose products include dairies (milk transfer and pulsation tubing), breweries and vintners, chemical manufacturing, material handling, oil & gas refineries (petroleum), steam (boilers, espresso machines, cleaning equipments). We manufacture hoses for variety of industries where suction, discharge, pulsation, or transfer of steam, water, beverages and other liquid chemicals are needed such as in pharmaceutical, chemical, food & dairy, agricultural and petroleum industries.


We are expert in co-extrusion of tubings with different material to achieve different internal and external properties. We have in-house extruders with braiding capabilities to manufacture braided hoses with metal wire and nylon braided hoses. Feel free to contact us through email or phone to talk to our applications experts and engineers.