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American Rubber Corp is a leading manufacturer of variety of sealing solutions. X ring or Cross Ring manufacturing is one of our many specialty. We design, manufacture, and supply X rings to our customers for their mission critical dynamic sealing application where pistons, rods, spindles have rotory or reciprocating movements (sometimes both). We produce high quality, long service life x rings from best materials that is suitable for your specific application needs.

A X-Ring, while looks similar to O ring, with the cross section shape that conforms to X profile or 4 dove tail profile creates 4 contact surfaces. These shapes provide multiple contact points for sealing which provides redundant and secure sealing (twice as compared to normal O rings) suitable for most critical applications. Another improvement that X rings provides over O ring is reduced break out friction. X ring with its 4 contact surfaces mitigates risk of spiraling displacement of seal which is common with regular O rings if used in dynamic sealing applications (where rotary and reciprocal movements of parts needing sealing is involved).

Typical use of X Rings include:

  • Hydraulic rods or plungers where reciprocal movements are common
  • Rotating spindles or shaft where rotary movements are common
  • Along with Bushings where radial or axial static seal is required

We also manufacture PTFE coated X Rings for our customers to provide excellent abrasive resistance. Please reach out to us at +1(317)548-8455 or submit our Request for Quote form.