A Leading Rubber Components Manufacturer

American Rubber Corp is one of the very few rubber components manufacturers that compound, mix, extrude, and mold rubber components and parts (rubber products) here in USA. Our promise of quality has helped us become market leader in industrial and commercial rubber products.

We pride in being one of the very few full-service rubber manufacturer with capability to help our customers from material selection, design, reverse engineering, prototyping to mass manufacturing of rubber components.

Our rubber products are made for lasting resilience and unfailing quality. We take pride in knowing that our products are efficient, non-toxic. Our holistic quality assurance processes in each stage of rubber product manufacturing cycle allow us to produce high quality rubber components very consistently.

We are always on board to make suggestions regarding the compounds and properties which would best fit your technical, mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties requirements. We optimize each product related manufacturing process for best quality rubber components for your worry free operations. For us, customer satisfaction by providing economical sealing, tube/hose, and rubber parts is our ultimate goal.

American Rubber Corp – Our Products

At American Rubber Corp, we produce superior quality rubber products to satisfy your volume and customization needs. Our tradition has been to keep our turnaround time shortest in industry to make us your reliable rubber manufacturing partner. Our engineers keep a check of the specified quality through tolerances around dimensions and on desired properties of finished products to deliver them on time.

Applications of Rubber Products

The most fascinating fact about elastomers is that they are available in a range of colors including fluorescents, metallic and changing with heat. Our rubber products are being reliably used in sectors including aviation, aerospace, construction, dairy, electrical/electronics, food & beverage, healthcare, textiles, and transportation to just name a few.

Our Elastomer products are nontoxic and ready to be used for food, beverage, dairy processing applications. Prolonged submersion in either fresh or salt water has no result on multiple of our rubber compounds, making them excellent to be used as gaskets, O-rings, and seals. Although the lifespan depends on the usage and what is required from the product, any of our rubber products are bound to have a shelf life of a minimum of 1 year.

Our rubber products can be manufactured to avoid microbiological growth with special elements that could be superimposed so as to actively kill and resist growth of microorganisms, they can be easily used in the harshest environment worry free.

Quality of our domestically made rubber products are unparalleled.

Our quality driven culture strives for achieving excellence in every part that we manufacture..


Here’s what just some of our clients have said
’Working with American Rubber Corp. has been one of the best business experiences for me. All products were of supreme quality and withstood every condition. They always achieve the target quality and dimensions without the need for timely reminders. The services provided were fully professional, timely and friendly. It was great to do business with them. ‘

Arnold Crowell

‘American Rubber Corp. has been a great help through all my business needs. They went out of their way each time to make delivery on time with the best quality products. The services provided were completely professional and hassle-free. They give great advice and believe fully in their products. I wish to continue doing business with them for a long time.’

Skyla Radford

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our rubber components over alternative suppliers?

Our rubber products are made with careful design, manufacturing and quality processes to ensure that they meet all required specification and application demands that customers have shared with us. We manufacture these rubber parts here in USA while providing them to our customers at most competitive rates.

Can rubber compounds be made to prevent the growth of micro-organisms?

Although these products do not support microbiological growth, special elements could be superimposed during compound so as to actively hinder the growth of microorganisms in applications such as dairy and food manufacturing, agriculture, and pharmaceutical machines.

What is estimated manufacturing and delivery time?

The time taken is completely in accordance with your quantity and product dimensions. You will get to understand the estimated time while placing your order.

How can I estimate the quotation of a product?

You can directly contact us via mail, call or the contact form provided. We will respond with an approximate quotation as shortly as possible. 

Can you add special customized properties to the product?

Apart from the already persisting properties, we can attempt to fulfill your needs added to the silicone product without hampering its quality.

We are one among very few rubber manufacturers in USA that are utterly customer oriented...

Request a call back.

If you’ve got queries related to rubber components like seal, gasket, o rings, plugs, caps, hoses, diaphragms, sleeves etc, simply fill in details and we will get in touch with you. You can always reach out to us through call for discussions around how can we help you as your preferred rubber component manufacturer.