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Rubber Sheets & Coated Fabrics

Rubber Sheets & Coated Fabrics

American rubber corp. is a manufacturer & supplier of Rubber sheets for Industrial and general purpose application. We offer different types of rubber sheet in various grade from general purpose natural rubber to more technical grade rubber sheet like as Nitrile, EPDM & Butyl Rubber Sheet.

Product Description:

Rubber sheet is a very popular product and has been used very frequently across the world. From the baby bed, to the shade, it has been used everywhere because of its properties. It is general purpose industrial rubber that is used in various places to provide a sheathing effect. It has used widely at various places to decorate house, sheeting floor runners, buildings or in agriculture. The rubber sheets are of many types which are as follows:

Type of Rubber Sheets We Manufacture

Natural rubber sheet:

It is a sheet made up of rubber and is known to withstand high pressure. The product is flexible and shock absorbent.

Industries Used

Rubber sheet is used in varied areas. The most common utilization is in flooring. Rubber flooring is the high in demand flooring, because of its properties. It is resistant to oil, UV lights, oxidizing element etc. Rubber sheet is used in a number of applications like automotive, defense and marine etc. It is used in hospitals for neonates, labor room post operative rooms etc. There are many benefits and uses of rubber sheet.






Maintenance of Rubber Sheet

Rubber sheet can last long, if one takes care of it properly. It has to be maintained. Maintenance is done by initial cleaning, regular maintenance, and application of floor finish. The use of door mats has been recommended strictly, at the main door. So that one comes after cleaning the dirt inside. Wet vacuum is recommended daily once in a day. It is the best device as it sucks the dirt particles in from the grooves of the sheet.
The chemicals should not be used over the rubber sheet. In hospitals where rubber sheet is being used for labour room and for neonates, it should be washed under running water and then antiseptic solution. After antiseptic treatment, it should be hanged till dry and then rolled to keep in the shelf after application of powder. Therfore the maintenance is easy but needs to be done on regular basis.

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