PTFE Rubber Products

We are a full service rubber manufacturers with die making, extrusion, molding, and post manufacturing fabrication capabilities all in-house.

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is commonly known as Teflon and provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance at high temperature operating range. We can also manufacture o rings and other rubber molded components using 100% PTFE material or by creating a sheath (coating) of PTFE on other rubber components to achieve economic sealing solution for our customers.

By making use of our proprietary synthetic PTFE compound for coating other rubber components,  we can make rubber seals and diaphragms that are chemical resistant, flexible, and abrasion resistant even at extreme high and low temperature. Our PTFE coated molded rubber valve seals, diaphragms, and sieve holders require the least or no lubrication and maintenance.

American Rubber Corp products made from PTFE are highly durable, reliable and hence provides longer life span. In general, PTFE coating is used to achieve nonreactive properties in containers, pipework/tubings, valves etc for transferring reactive and corrosive chemicals.

Where used in absence of lubricant, PTFE coating or parts made from 100% PTFE acts as friction reducer resulting in to reduced wear, and energy consumption of machinery while making sealing components last longer e.g. Radiator assembly in automotive, marine, wind turbine, electricity generation applications.