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ISO 6149 Metric O-Rings Size Chart

ISO 6149 Metric O-Rings Size Chart

ISO 6149 specifies O-Rings designed for use in Metric Tube Fittings. This standard includes 13 different sizes and calls out the metric thread size for each o-ring size.
For a complete listing of all metric o-ring sizes, visit our
Metric O-Ring Cross Reference Table.

ISO 6149 Size Chart

Global Part#ReferenceI.D. (MM)C/S (MM)C/S (Inch)I.D. (Inch)
1.60X006.1M8 X
1.60X008.1M10 X
2.20X009.3M12 X
2.20X011.3M14 X
2.20X013.3M16 X
2.20X015.3M18 X
2.20X017.3M20 X
2.20X019.3M22 X
2.90X023.6M27 X 22.923.60.1140.929
2.90X029.6M33 X 22.929.60.1141.165
2.90X038.6M42 X 22.938.60.1141.52
2.90X044.6M48 X 22.944.60.1141.756
2.90X056.6M60 X 22.956.60.1142.228

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